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PLAY'A VR - a website for a virtual reality video player. Layout structure development, design engineering and creation, site layout. Primary content filling.

UAVPROF is a joint project of experienced practitioners, MIPT Advanced Control Systems Laboratory and the MAI Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Center.

Implementation of the website project for the Russian agro-industrial online exhibition "Golden Autumn". Integration of panoramic pavilions, developed functionality and set up live broadcasts of the exhibition speakers.

Website of the mobile service of the courier delivery service iCOURIER. Work on the development of the structure, layout and design of the site. The layout and the primary content. Basic Seo-optimization of the resource.

Website development for IDESK company, which develops Digital Signage solutions in Russia and Europe. The design of the website and the logo of the company, website layout and work on its SEO optimization.

Website for the Memel beauty house chain. Implementation of the project from the structure development to the creation of the layout of the site and the development of its design. Initial filling of the site content and hosting.